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Here we are, creators of the Biodomek system. We all belong to Polish Association of Natural Buildings (www.osbn.pl), which is joining natural building professionals. We have quite an experience in designing and constructing sustainable buildings. 

Magdalena Górska

Hi! I’m an architect and I’m  totally dedicated to natural healthy and sustainable architecture and interiors. You may know me as eKodama as well – it’s both the title of my Facebook blog and the brand of my activity as an architect. I’m lecturing and running workshops on the above-mentioned subject matter. The idea of Biodomek System was created in my atelier. We’ve put all the effort to make the system as best as possible, both in context of modularity and simplicity

You’ll find out more about  my works and designs here:)

- FB: eKodama

- www.ekodama.pl



email: ekodama.architektura@gmail.com

Telefon: +48 669 757 613


Moritz Reichert
Main contractor

I’m carpenter with many years of expirience. Having been interested in natural building and in using low energy embodied materials, I created the system of prefabricated wooden panels with straw as insulation to be used for constructing healthy natural houses.  

In addition to natural building, I’m running with my wife a magical holiday farm where you can enjoy sustainable healthy life and beautiful scenery of Izery Mountains.


In the Biodomek system I'm Main Contrator. 


​Find out more about my activities and projects here: 

- www.stankowice64.com

- FB: /Dobry Dom



email: mail@stankowice64.com

Telefon +48 505 125 504