Biodomek is available in three finish options: building shell, building shell plus and shell and core. Choose what is most suitable for you :).

Building shell
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  • metal point foundations, screwed in with assembly,

  • wooden construction made of KVH wood 16cm, from the inside finished with OSB EKO boards (glued without formaldehyde), and from the outside with DWD wood panel open for diffusion (which acts as windproofing),

  • insulation of walls, floor and roof with blown ecological insulation from cellulose (Nature Plus certificate), declared thermal conductivity coefficient λD = 0,037 W / mK, U walls = 0,19 [W / m² · K], U Roof and floors = 0, 18 [W / m² · K] - BIOHAUS meets current requirements regarding thermal insulation of partitions for residential buildings in EU,

  • finished façade ventilated from natural larch boards oiled with natural oils,

  • finished roof - roofing membrane made of EPDM with flashing and draining,

  • external wooden doors, painted with water-based paints, non-toxic, with anti-burglary fittings and a handle,

  • glass windows in accordance with the design, double glazing pack filled with argon with a warm frame, tempered glass from the outside, safe (U window = 1,1W / m² ·K),

  • wooden windows in accordance with the design (U window = 1,1W / m²·K),

  • sheep wool seals / in some places with polyurethane foam sealing/ insulating tapes (ensuring the building's tightness),

  • passage of ventilation, sewage and water pipes by the structure.

  • a guarantee for a wooden structure - 5 years, a guarantee for a hidden defects  - 2 years,

  • warranty for EPDM membrane (roofing) - 3 years for tightness (except for mechanical damage),

  • warranty for window and door carpentry - 2 years, coatings 3 years, glass and fittings - 3 years (except for mechanical damage, wooden joinery requires care in accordance with the warranty card, external wooden doors must be protected from direct contact with rain).





We are currently working on a price list for 2020. It will be released in April before the new construction season.

Building shell Plus
  • Building shell,

  • internal partition walls with wooden frame construction, filled with acoustic insulation from wood wool or ecological cellulose, finished with OSB EKO boards (glued without formaldehyde),

  • door carpentry, wooden interior according to the design including door handles and locks.

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Shell and core
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  • Building shell Plus,

  • electrical installations with lamps, sockets in white,

  • internal water and sewage installations without fittings,

  • finishing the internal walls with plywood or fire-resistant plasterboard 12.5mm (in the bathroom and kitchen waterproof boards), along with painting with natural clay paints (limestone in bathroom),

  • finishing natural floors with wooden boards, larch.