Before you start, just have a look and check how easy our system is to develop. Yes it really is!


It is an ideal solution for little spaces and urban building plots but you could use it it any building site you have. The modules may be put as well on the roofs. This is an BioHome in urban style.



Download PDF:

- BioDomek System 1

- BioDomek System 2 

BioHome 1​
A single module

The basic prefabricated module is the BioHome 1 –  6,44m x 2.80m  and usable area  12,21m2. The construction is designed so that the building may be easily extended both horizontally and vertically. 


If you're not going to settle down for some time, just stick to one module and take it with you when you move. It’s so easy! You take the foundation screws out of the ground, load it onto the lorry, and away you go. And what about the old building site ?… why not use it to grow vegetables or a nice lawn? Great! And if you decide to stay somewhere for a while … just add another module. 


Download PDF Plans: 

- BioHome 1 - one module


BioHome 2
Two modules 

The BioHome 2 – two connected BioHome 1 modules with an building area of 35sqm. This gives you enough space for a single person or a couple to live in and offers more permanent shelter. The modules are basically designed to be connected horizontally in this case, but they could be assembled vertically too.


Download PDF plans: 

- BioHome 2A - modules connected horizontally

- BioHome 2B - modules connected vertically

BioHome 3
Three modules and more

By adding another modules onto the roof of BioHome 2 you get BioHome3 with nice green terrace and view of the city or meadows. If you have a larger plot, you may develop system horizontally by adding more modules.


Download PDF plans: 

- BioHome 3B - One module on the roof

- BioHome 3A - Option 1 (modules in horizontal)

- BioHome 3A - Option 2 (modules in horizontal)

Download plans for other options (soon)

​- BioHome 4A - Four modules

- BioHome 5A - Five modules

- BioHome 6A - Six modules

- BioHome 9B - Nine modules - Plans

- BioHome 9B - Nine modules - Elevations




Our modules may be used as small office buildings and/or temporary pavilions ( net height 2,5m).


In contrast to ship containers, Biodomek modules are quiet, warm, healthy and comfortable. Yeeah!:)

Download PDF plans: 

- BioOFFICE  1 - one module

- BioOFFICE 2A - two modules

- others analogically like for BioHOME



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BioHome 2A