About BioDomek System

It’s so simple! We have designed a little modular, portable house that can be developed into more complex structures to fit changing requirements and/or building plot sizes. If you cannot afford to build a big house or you need only space for your backpack , nothing could be easier. The Biodomek is your number one choice! Remember, it is eco friendly because we made it with natural materials.   

Modularity - Developing Systems

The basic module is 6.44m long, 2.8m wide and around 3m high. The dimensions allow the module to be loaded onto a flatbed lorry and transported as standard cargo.


Two modules together give 35sqm of building area. By adding extra modules, you can extend your house on the east-west axis on the ground floor and vertically by adding a first floor onto the roof of your Biodomek.


The modules are designed so that additional units can be added with practically no changes made to existing ones. As a result, you get better functionality and a larger space to live in. The Biodomek is ideal for you, if you want a dynamic and flexible life. 

Because our house is modular and raise on the point  foundations , after a while, you can transport it to the different location.


Review the plans and possibilities of expansion of the system

Technology – Natural Materials

The walls of modules are  KVH wooden frame with densely blown eco fiber insolation inside. Construction is finished with eco wooden construction boards with plasterboards inside and air-open DWD wooden boards on the outside. Because one of our aims is the smallest environmental footprint, we’ve made a lot of effort into making this system ecofriendly by using natural and biodegradable materials.


CELLULOSE FIBER is a biodegradable material produced from recycled paper with no harmful components. We use Derowerk cellulose, it is certified in the European Technical Assessment and has achieved the Nature Plus international certificate, confirming that it is an eco-friendly material. It is often used as insulation in the building industry because it has very good insulation properties. Our modules will be very warm and comfortable. 


THE FOUNDATION - that we use in our system is the steel spot footing  This has several advantages when compared to other types of foundation - it is less time consuming and has a smaller environmental footprint  because of very small integration in to the soil. And what’s most important – you can take the foundations with you when you relocate your house, the building site returns to nature and your modular Biodomek grows up in another place.


Our system is prefabricated, that means the whole onsite building process is much quicker.


The only work required at the building site is a foundation made using ground screws and all necessary on/off-grid installation outlets. The modules are lifted onto the foundation using a crane, we screw elements on and then… and then that’s it, so simple. 


Each module is supplied with external walls ( finished with wooden cladding) together with a front door and windows. The first fix plumbing and electrics are installed, but we don’t provide the taps, sinks, shower cubicle and lighting – you’ll have to install all these elements on your own.  For demanding customers at the end of 2020 year we will offer modules in finished standard.

Review the current offer.






We’re a team of specialists that represent the various branches of natural construction industry and sustainable architecture. We’re members of Polish Association of Natural Building (www.osbn.pl). 


We can help you go throughout the entire process, from the architectural design, to securing plans for planning permission and doing the construction work.


We have many years of experience in designing and building natural houses and we’ll be happy to work together with you to build your modular house.





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BioHome 3B - three modules