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About the BioDomek System

The Biodomek project was created in the eKodama Architectural Studio, it is a widely awarded project for its innovation and ecological, healthy solutions. Our system is distinguished by the standard of the materials used, the quality of the finishes, large glazing and modern design. See what makes our system unique.

Technology - Natural Materials, Ecology and Health

Ecology and health are very important to us, which is why our system is made of natural materials that are environmentally friendly and healthy for users. Natural materials are durable, and after the period of use, they can be composted or reused (they are not harmful to the environment). They also do not emit harmful compounds for us, which means that they smell beautiful inside and we feel good there.

The structure of the modules is made of timber, it is filled inside with ecological insulating material (eco fibre), from the outside we finish the houses with natural boards, under which there is a diffusion-open wood wool. From the inside, the modules are finished with ecological, structural MFP / OSB boards without formaldehyde and plasterboard or plywood. We have made every effort to ensure that our system uses natural and biodegradable materials as much as possible.


ECO FIBRE is an insulation material made of recycled paper (semi-eco standard) or natural fibers of annual plants (eco standard), free from harmful compounds, and is biodegradable after use. Importantly, this material has great insulating properties and insulates the houses acoustically. In addition, our cellulose has the European Technical Approval and international certificates proving the ecological and environmentally friendly material. It is a great thermal and acoustic insulation.


FOUNDATIONS - in the system we use metal point foundations, screwed in, which significantly speeds up the assembly and reduces the negative impact on the ground, also reducing the negative ecological footprint of the construction. It is also easier to dismantle such a house and move it to another place. After some time, no trace of it will be left in its original place and the ground will be beautifully covered with grass. Meanwhile, your BioDomek will grow elsewhere. Isn't it wonderful? In cases where screw-in foundations cannot be used, we propose other solutions.

More about the technology can be found in the OFFER tab.

Modularity, Modular house - System for expansion

The basic module of the system has external dimensions of approx. 2.8 m by 6.4 m and a height of approx. 3 m. The dimensions have been selected so that a single module can be fully transported on a standard low-floor trailer.


The combination of two modules gives a house with a building area of ​​35m2 and four 70m2 (we meet the POLISH ORDER law).


The building area of ​​35m2 for one-story buildings (ground floor + mezzanine) allows for the erection of modules  without a building permit in Poland, only by means of a simplified application. Such a house can be freely expanded in the future, when your housing needs increase.


We have designed the modules so that in the future, it is possible to add more units without major changes to the modules / module, increasing the usable area and functionality. Elements can be added along the east-west axis or on the roof, i.e. up. As our house is modular and we erect it on point foundations, after some time you can transport it to another place.

Our offer is directed mainly to people who appreciate ecology, modernity, mobility and dynamics. The project allows for a later, trouble-free expansion or transport of the house to another place (we provide instructions), which will give you more freedom and avoid senseless large loans.

Isn't it great?

See the plans and expansion possibilities of the system HERE.

Prefabrication - Fast construction

Our system is prefabricated, which means that construction works last much shorter. The houses come to the plot on a lorry trailer in a finished condition and are assembled within one to several days.


At the construction site, only point foundations and connection to local utilities (sooner or later connected by the plot owner) are prepared. Using a crane, place the modules on the foundations and screw the remaining elements together. And now :) ready. It's simple, isn't it?


We equip the module in a shell and core standard (eco, semi-eco) or turnkey (eco).

Browse through our current OFFER and price list and check the scope of construction we offer.

Comprehensive services

In our EKODAMA architectural studio, we will help you go through the entire process of creating Biodomek, from design and permit, to construction. We will also hand you over to our contractors, who will build a Biodomek for you. In this way, together we will make your dream of your own, natural, healthy home come true.

Take a look here at the offer for design works and information that will help you orientate yourself in the investment preparation process in Poland. You can also make an appointment for architectural consultations to check whether we can build a Biodomek on your plot and whether it is possible obtain a building permit there.

We will be happy to help :). Please CONTACT US.



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