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We offer the Biodomek in two finishing options: Shell and core as well as turnkey condition. Choose what suits you best :)

Shell and core
  • wooden structure made of natural, durable, certified C24 wood 16/16.5 cm, finished on the inside with MFP / eco osb wooden boards (without harmful formaldehyde),

  • ventilated facade made of natural boards - spruce, under the facade a windproof board made of natural straw Vestaeco or Steico wood fiber (eco standard) / wind insulation (semi-eco standard),

  • healthy and ecological insulation of walls, floor and roof in energy-saving standards, U walls = 0.18 [W / m² · K], U for roof and ceilings = 0.15 [W / m² · K], Vestaeco ecofibre (eco standard) or mineral wool (semi-eco standard) - Biodomek meets the current requirements for thermal insulation of partitions in residential buildings in the EU,

  • internal partition walls with a wooden frame structure, filled with acoustic eco insulation,

  • finished roof - EPDM roof membrane with flashing and drainage or made of roofing metal sheet (sloping roof) with gutters,

  • external anti-burglary metal doors with anti-burglary fittings and handle (up to PLN 3,500),

  • windows in accordance with the design, a triple-pane package filled with argon with a warm frame (window U = 0.7 W / m² * K),

  • sheep wool seals (eco standard) / polyurethane foam seals in places (semi eco and eco standard) / insulation tapes (ensuring the tightness of the building),

  • passing through the construction of ventilation, sewage and water pipes,

  • internal plumbing installations without fittings,

  • electrical installations ready for installation of lamps, electrical sockets, switches,

  • AERECO humidity-controlled ventilation (eco standard) / ventilation with recuperation, heat recovery (HYUNDAI) (semi-eco standard),

  • heating installation with HEAT DECOR heating mats / convection heaters.

Turnkey state
  • the scope of the Shell and Core,

  • internal door joinery,

  • finishing of internal walls with 12.5mm plywood or fire-resistant plasterboard (waterproof boards in the bathroom and kitchen) along with painting with natural clay paints (lime in the bathroom),

  • wall finishing (plastering, priming, painting),

  • floor finishing - Natural wooden boards (tiles in the bathroom) / AC4 class panels,

  • tiles in wet places in the bathroom,

  • installation of a toilet bowl, shower, washbasin, mirror,

  • installation of external and internal lighting, electrical sockets, and switches.

Delivery outside Poland to European countries

Biodomek outside Poland can be delivered in two ways:

  • with the Polish price - then Biodomek should be picked up from the factory in Krakow with your own or ordered transport. When crossing the border, the warranty for windows and other products becomes invalid. The warranty for the main structure remains in place.

  • with full guarantee - then to the prices in the Price List be added: 40%  - for European countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Scandinavian countries, or 50-55% for Switzerland.


Price list for the construction of BIODOMEK SYSTEM 

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You can also rent a Biodomek. See the tab: TRY IT OUT!

Offer for design and preparation work
  • For houses up to 35 m2 of building area, we provide drawings for small building permit (zgłoszenie), after signing a contract or a preliminary contract for execution, free of charge.

  • You can register a house with the local County Office by yourself or commission our design company for a fee. It is worth checking with our architect before signing the contract whether the plot meets the conditions for the investment. It is worth making an appointment for a consultation. In the case of a building permit / application with a construction project, please see the offer for design work in our studio.


  • warranty on the wooden structure - 5 years, warranty on hidden defects - 2 years,

  • warranty for the EPDM membrane (roofing) - 3 years for tightness (except for mechanical damage),

  • warranty for window and door joinery - 2 years, coatings - 3 years, glass and fittings - 3 years (apart from mechanical damage, wooden joinery requires maintenance in accordance with the warranty card).

Time of order execution
  • The implementation time is approx. 4 months from the moment of signing the construction contract with the contractor. We carry out single orders as well as on a larger scale, a greater number of houses and modules. We will guide you throughout all the process. Please contact us.

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