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Small Cottages with a flat roof

Biodomek 1A, Biodomek 2A

BioDomek 1A is an autonomous basic module that includes all installations: water, sewage, electrical and mechanical ventilation. BioDomek 2A - these are two connected modules, BioDomek 1A and a single supplementary module, they have a building area of 35 m2 after joining (connection on the ground floor). 

Download files in PDF format:

- BioDomek 1A

- BioDomek 2A

Small Cottages with a pitch roof

Biodomek 1C, Biodomek 2C

BioDomek C are houses with a sloping roof that meet the requirements of Local Development Plans (polish Plan Miejscowy). Thanks to this shape of the roof, we get additional space -  mezzanine. We designed  there a place for a comfortable bed and a wardrobe. 😊 Such a house is an ideal place to live for two or for rent for 4-5 people.

Roof modules are also mobile :) great.



Download files in PDF format:

- BioDomek 1C

- BioDomek 2C


BioDomek 3 
Three modules and more options

If you have more space, see the more extensive options. Three, four interconnected modules horizontally, have a building area of 52.5 m2 and 70 m2, respectively, thus meeting the requirements for residential buildings in accordance with the POLISH ORDER 70 m2 Act (Biodomek 3A, 4A, 3C, 4C). You can add a sloping roof to them and thus obtain a functional attic or a fabulous mezzanine. Full Biodomek modules can also be added vertically, creating beautiful villas with a flat roof (Biodomek 3B, 4B).


Download files in PDF format:

- BioDomek 3A - Option 1 (modules  horizontally)

- Biodomek 3A - Option 2 (modules  horizontally)

- Biodomek 4A - Four modules

- Biodomek 5A - Five modules

- Biodomek 6A - Sześć modułów

- Biodomek 1B - Two vertical modules

- Biodomek 2B - One module on the roof

- Biodomek 6B - Nine modules,, plans

- Biodomek 6B - Nine modules, elevations

Kotwica 1

Whole system

Whole system

Unlike steel containers, our modules are quiet, warm and comfortable. Take a look at how our entire system can be shaped over time :).


The Biodomek can be used as a residential, recreational (any number of users) as well as office and educational functions for rooms up to 4 permanent / temporary users.

Download files in PDF format:

- System 01

- System 02





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